World on canvas He has spread, Some flashy colors...

World on canvas
He has spread,
Some flashy colors,
Some iridescent colors.

Are dispersed into my side;
Some such livid;
In the long view,
Suffering is immense, and,
I think, ultimately,
That said, these ugly colors
Why would scatter?
He also got
Something for fun.

Away - far diffuse,
Dirty brown, beige colors,
Laid down the middle
Some golden - silver splatter.
Livid be thicker every day,
And much dull and ugly,
There they go.
Golden - silver splatter,
Faster than that,
Thick, thick and flaky,
There they go,
As competition among them is embattled.

Uker have many pictures,
Mountains, plateaus, plains,
Forests, parks, rivers, streams,
Green valleys and,
Desert spread are
Some full - all are
Some quite naked,
How strange that
Rangoli is scattered.
It also got him,
Something for fun.

While I'm on board;
The colors are
And, the colors are ugly,
much some less so,
I'll accept it gladly,
Why is that,
He has given the color,
Have a lot of love,
To accept them,
I do not have any compulsion.
Just want my hands;
Give some taller and stronger,
On the face of it,
Around you, so that spread,
Some golden and silver colors.


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